August 2018 Tip

This month we would like to brief about having resources available to support safety, and that includes rule review. Completing rule reviews with varying topics throughout the year is a …

July 2018 Tip

This month we would like to raise awareness about property preparedness. Drills and training on your property, especially in regards to safely handling hazardous materials, can be a great way …

June 2018 Tip

This month, we would like to share some tips about enhancing operational testing programs! Click here to view the PDF.

Job Safety Briefing Form

Using a Job Safety Briefing Form will help your team to cover all the bases to complete tasks as safely as possible.

Heat Safety

Check out our tips for staying safe in the summer heat.

How to Create a Safety Action Plan

The Short Line Safety Institute’s guide to creating a Safety Action Plan will help your railroad create an action plan for the first time or update your existing document.

Job Hazard Analysis Form

Using a Job Hazard Analysis form will help your team to cover all bases in ensuring job safety. Consider refining this form based on commonly performed activities as your railroad.

Webinar: OSHA Overview

Join Ralph Weber, Safety Culture Assessor for the Short Line Safety Institute, as he presents about the importance of OSHA guidelines and where to look for common errors. Ralph guides …